Residential telephone and WiFi world enabled cellular in one

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Highly intelligent telephone

Including "WiFi cellular" service (follow-me telephone) that works as a cellular phone anywhere around the World whenever you have Internet!

Services included in our standard plan:

Caller ID

Displays the caller`s number.

Voice mail

You can keep up to 100 voice messages.

Voice mail to email

Your voice messages will be forwarded to your email.

Call forward

Forward your call to your cellular or another telephone.

Call waiting

Call waiting / second line works via call forward.

Incognito call

You can hide your number and name from your correspondent.

Block a number

You can block telephone numbers you do not want to get calls from.

WiFi cellular

This service converts a cellular telephone or any VoIP capable telephone into a handset for your home telephone. And even better, it works for free practically anywhere around the world where you have Internet!

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